In the beginning, Open Minded Productions, LLC., was a basement record label founded by Michael Kellerman with a roster of many new inspired artists. Through the process of claiming stomping grounds and bragging rights, OMP became a powerful force on the scene. In 2010, the conglomerate focused itís attentions to a super-group of sorts consisting of the labelís various talents. The following year they released their debut album, Beyond Good & Evil. BG&E was a double-disc dichotomy both genre-bending and defining horrorcore and hip hop. Disc 1, or GOOD, featured crowd favorites Nibble That Cookie and Welcome to the Show; Disc 2 (EVIL) is highlighted by the dark and terrifying Statik.

Many label-mates performed songs from their then forthcoming album opening at ICPís OLD SHIT Tour at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Open Minded Productions had made their mark; the super-group was just getting started. Afterward, OMP shed its skin and emerged a versatile 3-piece hip-hop group, simply, Open Minded (MIKILLA, PHAT BOI PHRESH and HATCHET MONKEY). Over the next 3 years OM promoted Beyond Good & Evil out of print and opened for many national artists including TWIZTID, Hed P.E., Potluck, and Kung Fu Vampire.

In the essence of spectrum, 2014 brought Open Mindedís sophomore release bridging the gap between Good & Evil; Shades of Grey. Dynamic performances, from Hey Mom (an ode to mother from the band on the road) hitting each stop on the way to Day 1 (a venomous hate letter), build a masterpiece capstoned by I Cannot Be Fake, when an ambient soundtrack and honest verses give the listener a glimpse of the artistsí uplifting perspectives. 2015 started a new endeavor for OM along with Youtuber, Caedo Genesis. In a collaborative effort, the music video Wazer Wifle went viral. Subsequently, a concept album inspired by the cult-classic video game FALLOUT 3 was released in 2016.


Open Minded experienced the next stage of evolution and became a full band outfit in 2015. The group joined forces with musicians from local disbanded rock group, SMOKE & MIRRORS (formerly of Open Minded Productions) and DJ Puzzlecutter. The group was complete with the shredding guitar of KC Jones and thumbing bass of Justin Von Rueden and newest member Sam "Chaos on the Drums" Stark. 2016 also produced 2 critical releases from the group. Something To Talk About, the groups final release with rapper Phat Boi Phresh and the upcoming self-titled EP, the first OMP record with a full 6-man band. Open Minded's new lineup brings the crowd and long time diehard fans what they deserve, a sensational presentation of great hip hop accompanied by a live band and DJ that takes their orignal music to the next level.

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